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Do You Trust God?

At some point we have all received “the news” that we did not want to hear. If you haven’t, you will. That may seem harsh, but it’s just reality. We have sudden events occur in our lives that we would rather not have occurred. It may be the loss of a job, a cheating spouse, a death of a loved one or a child that has went astray. Most likely, you will have no control over what has occurred or possibly what will occur after. However, your reaction can determine how your future proceeds. It can determine how you move forward, how fast you heal and how various relationships are affected.

I think that most people have a flight or fight reaction when they receive bad news.  We act out of emotion. That can be a normal healthy action initially, but for long term, it’s not best. When we are in this emotional state, we act out of fear and can be completely irrational. I know this because I have been that irrational person- Doing what I thought was best and trying to get the situation under control. I can only look back and shake my head at some of the things I did. My mind told me to act, but my spirit told me to Be Still. Being the type A person that I am I listened to my mind……God was constantly putting the words “be still” in front of me. Everywhere I looked I saw these words, one day they were on a lady’s shirt in the elevator (I couldn’t make that up if I tried). God really wanted me to be still! I have always thought that He wanted me to be still so that I could hear him speak. I’m sure that is part of it, but I’m positive that He literally wanted me to be still, to stop moving and stop putting my trust in my own actions. He wanted me to be still and trust Him. It has taken me many years to figure this out. I must be a slow learner!

It’s easy to trust when things are going smooth, but much more difficult when things get rough. It’s in those dark days you will learn where your trust and your faith lies.


Trust is defined as a firm belief in the ability of a person or thing; confidence or reliance

Trust does not come easy for me. As I grew up, I often found that trusting equaled disappointment and hurt. Even after I became a Christian, I didn’t really trust God not to disappoint me.  I’ve only come to this realization recently. Realizing that I have spent my life not trusting the God that breathed me into existence. I’m admitting this because I need to trust Him and I want to trust Him. After all that God has brought me through I’m ashamed that I have trusted so little. His trust is a promise that He gives us and one that I want to grab and hold on to. In a world of distrust, He can be trusted.

So when you get the bad news where will you place your trust?

Psalms 56:3- But when I’m afraid, I will put my trust in you. David trusted God when he was hiding in a cave and an entire army was hunting him. He did not doubt for one minute, but had total faith that God would protect him.

From this point forward, I want to trust like David. Sure and confident that my God will take care of me and every situation that I face. It doesn’t mean that the things will be perfect. It just means that God will be there and not leave me alone. We may not like where we are in life. We may not have chosen the path we are on, but we can rest in complete assurance that God is walking this journey with us.



I didn’t choose this journey, but I will trust God while I’m traveling on it. Hannah Grace

16 thoughts on “Do You Trust God?

  1. I couldnt help but as I read this, the first line actually, to remember that I am actually waiting for some “news”. I have been quite unwell and I am waiting for some test results to confirm the diagnoses that the doctor suspect that I have. But in saying that I dont feel as devastated as I thought I would. Even though the diagnoses isnt good its something that can be managed where as I have suffered from CFS since I was 12 and it is very hard to manage and most people know that there is no cure. Having a chronic evilness is frustrating because there is no end you just have to ride it out.
    I know God loves me. I trust God, at times almost completly. I trust He knows what I need best. Even if it is another diagnoses. For some reason I need it for my salvation. In all honestu- thats fine with me.
    Thankyou for sharing this.


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