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I’m Tired of Being a Prositute

Time and time again I have been unfaithful. Lured by attention from other people, dreams, goals, my own selfishness of wanting things my way and a host of other reasons. Years and years I have prostituted myself rather than remain faithful. Each time I return I intend to remain faithful, but the glitz and glitter of the world pulls me back in. I’m sure that you are no different.

We all are unfaithful to God. We place other things first and we forget God as our first love. How do you prostitute yourself? Is it your job, your friends, your hobby or even the good works that you do?

When I was reading Hosea, it dawned on me how much I can be like Gomer. Not in the literal sense, but just as much an unfaithful bride in comparison to God’s never-ending faithfulness.

 Just to highlight the story:

Hosea knew before he married Gomer that she would be unfaithful. In Hosea 1:2, God instructs him to marry her and warns him that she will be a prostitute. During their marriage, she conceived several children and Hosea was unsure if they were his. She left Hosea and was in slavery to prostitution. Hosea found her, brought her home and fully reconciled with her. He loved her unconditionally. He was faithful when she was not.

Just like Gomer, we commit to God but then run after other loves. We IMG_3635pursue dreams and goals that do not include God. We are unfaithful when we compromise our beliefs and water down our faith. We wax and wane in our commitment, and through it all, God remains faithful. Steadfast and never wavering.



Three ways  our relationship with God is a parallel to Gomers relationship with Hosea

  1. Hosea married Gomer knowing that she was promiscuous and would continue to be unfaithful. God choose us knowing that we were sinful and would continue to fall to temptations. (Jeremiah 1:5- I knew you before you were formed in the womb and I called you to be a prophet to the nations). God knew each and everyone of us before we took our first breath. He knew every mistake that we would make, he knew every time that we would reject him or turn the other way, but He still called us (he had a purpose in mind for you before you were born).
  2.  Hosea went after Gomer over and over when she left and chose a life of prostitution. God never gives up on us. When we are unfaithful; he continues to love us with grace and mercy. His love is constant and persistent. (Luke 15:3-5 “if a man has a hundred sheep and one of then gets lost he will leave the ninety nine and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it. And when he finds it he will joyfully carry it home on his shoulders.”) It does not say that he beat the sheep as he herded it home, but he carried the lost sheep. Wow, God will not only search for us if we go astray, but will CARRY us home on his shoulders. How many times has God carried you home? He’s carried me a lot.
  3.  Gomer was enslaved in prostitution and Gomer bought her back. He fully reconciled with her and redeemed her. God bought us with His only son. He sent him to earth to die so that we would not have to remain in a life of slavery to sin. (Romans 5:8- God showed his great love for us sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.) God was faithful to give us a way from eternal death. God bought us back after we chose to run to sin and redeemed us.      FullSizeRender

Hosea was faithful when Gomer was not. God is faithful when we are not. Just like Gomer desired for his wife to be faithful and love him, God longs for our faithfulness to him. He desires to be our first love.


This year, I have committed to meditating on one promise from God each week. This week the promise that I stand on is the promise of God’s faithfulness.

II Timothy 2:13 If we are faithless, He remains faithful.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your faithfulness even when I have wandered away. Help me to stay faithful to you. Help me to keep my eyes focused on your love and not on things that would lead me astray.

8 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Being a Prositute

  1. This is amazing. And I think it’s a truth I really need to focus on right now.
    Have you ever read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? It’s basically the story of Hosea and Gomer, set during the gold rush in California. And I have to admit I’ve never read the book of Hosea yet– and it just dawned on me that this is why the character in the book is called Michael Hosea!! The story was powerful enough in symbolizing God’s love for us, and now knowing that it was just a retelling of the book of Hosea? I’m floored.

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    1. Hannah Scarlett, yes I have read the book and loved it. It is a fiction version of the book of Hosea and its a beautiful story. If you have a study bible, read Hosea and the history behind this story. It is incredibly powerful. Francine Rivers is my absolute favorite author. Have you read the Mark of the Lion series? It is truly life changing.


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